SCS Charity Ambassadors Programme

SCS Charity Ambassadors Programme

SGD 225.00

raised by 10 people

Featured here are our SCS Fundraising Advocates who are passionate about helping the community. In spite of the long hours of standing outdoors in harsh weather conditions, our SCS Fundraising Advocates persevere on the behalf of cancer patients to raise awareness among the community of cancer and how SCS is helping out to provide aid to cash-strapped cancer patients and their families through our Cancer Care Fund, Cancer Treatment Fund and Welfare Aid services. Our Cancer Rehabilitation Centre aids cancer patients in their recovery and return to normalcy of life while our Cancer Support Groups provide emotional and psycho-social support throughout their journey.

We sincerely hope all of you will come forward with a loud shout YES! Together we can give hope to cancer patients starting with you pledging your kind donation in support of our SCS Fundraising Advocates' fundraising efforts to give our cancer patients strength and hope to keep on fighting.

To learn more about the Advocate you are supporting, click on their fundraising profile page to read their stories, and be inspired. Each of them have a unique story about why they decide to be an SCS Fundraising Advocate. Follow them, as they document the street locations, and the events they are participating in to raise funds. 


More updates coming soon!