SCS Fundraising Advocate Parthiban

SCS Fundraising Advocate Parthiban

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Thank you for your interest and kind support in helping Singapore Cancer Society. 

I am a full time Advocate with Singapore Cancer Society. As licensed by the National Council of Social Services(NCSS), i head down to the streets on a daily basis to conduct fundraising and to create awareness on the endeavours of Singapore Cancer Society's support in helping the needy cancer patients and their families. Such aid is provided through the Cancer Care Fund, Cancer Treatment Fund and Welfare Aid Services. Singapore Cancer Society also offers support groups for the patients to provide them the emotional and psycho-social support that they need.

Having lost my father to a recurrent brain tumor at the age of 19, i understand it is not easy to cope with the emotions caused by cancer. If you have not seen anyone affected by cancer, it can be both physically and emotionally unnerving to see the people you love, who were once so energetic and lively, now emotionally and physically drained especially after chemotherapy.  Most of the patients are usually the breadwinners, and are unable to continue working to provide for their families after being stricten with cancer. This is due to most workplaces not willing to hire these patients again, afraid of incurring the medical cost for their treatments. But at Singapore Cancer Society, we give them the chance to be able to continue working again. Almost half of the staff employed at Singapore Cancer Society are cancer survivors given the chance to be a part of the workforce again to regain their sense of purpose.

At Singapore Cancer Society, we not only focus on the patients, but the general members of the public as well. Giving talks on prostate cancer, Breast cancer, and colo-rectal cancer, encouraging and educating those who have reached 50 years of age to go for their regular screenings and the need for such screenings. Early detection of such cancers allow for early treatment and better management physically and emotionally. 

With the aid of Singapore Cancer Society through their many support programs and financial assistance, many families have been able to get the support they need to return to a state of nomalcy and happiness. Even helping with the children with bursaries, and tutors needed to continue their education.

Everyday 37 people are diagnosed with cancer, with your support, we can make a difference in the journey of more and more patients everyday, making it more memorable and meaningful. 

Thank you. 

Yours Sincerely, 

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