Run Over Cancer: Give Hope & Spread Love

Run Over Cancer: Give Hope & Spread Love

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Gale & Ryan is a Volunteer of the beneficiary.

Updated post (2017 fundraising):

In year 2016 we did not set any collection target nor did much promotion on this campaign. To our delight, there was still total $650 collection made. Thanks to the generosity of the public community. This year it would be same - no target set and our aim is to raise as much money as possible while enjoying the participation of each event/ activities, living well and growing stronger...

This year's fundraising vision is to run in one half-marathon every quarter of the year, and if possible we will participate in some overseas event outside of Singapore. We did our first in HCMN City in Jan-2017 and following is a summary of events participation for 2017. Items marked TBC are planned but not yet booked as we are hoping to get funding/ sponsorship, and will be confirmed in due course.

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  • Jan-2017: Ho Chi Minh City Run, Vietnam (21km) - DONE
  • April-2017: 2XU Compression Run, Singapore (21km) - DONE
  • May-2017: Standard Chartered KL Marathon, Malaysia (21km - Run for a Reason) - DONE
  • July-2017: The Straits Times Run, Singapore (18km) - DONE
  • July-2017: Race Against Cancer, Singapore (15km) - No go. Ryan got injured from tennis that comes with stitches. I had to nurse him. But Thank God it wasn't serious. 
  • August-2017: SAFRA Run, Singapore (21km) - DONE
  • October-2017: 2XU Ultra-marathon, Singapore (21km) -DONE

Original Post:

Hi there! My name is Gale - an ordinary person living in Singapore. During July 2014, at the age of 31, I was diagnosed as having stage 4 breast cancer. Abit of a road bump but thanks to the tremendous support of family and friends, I am now well. Yayy! 

I started to fundraise 2 months after my last chemo treatment and the reason I did it back then was because I felt a deep sense of gratitude towards my supporters, so strong were those feelings that the only way for me to show it is through running. I thought it was a one time off thing, after all I'm not very athletic and running is very new to me. However after being called in for another fundraising drive by SCS, I thought this could be something that I can do, to give hope and spread love to other cancer patients. Then my husband, Ryan, being my strongest supporter decided to join in together for this movement also in Dec 2015. And so for every run that I am participating, he will also be in! (Thank you Darling..!)

The reason we are doing this is because we felt deeply compassionate towards cancer patients, not only because of what they had to go through physically and mentally but also financially. 

Cancer treatment is expensive. Very very expensive. And for anyone to make a life and death decision because of finances is just heartbreaking. We know how it felt because we were once beaten to that level too. Due to an oversight during our relocation back to Singapore, I did not get myself cover appropriately. I was diagnosed with cancer and without an insurance. As much as I have the will to live, I cannot deny the fact that without money I will die from not affording treatment. Thank God for his grace and faithfulness, we received help that gave us hope. And now we are living to tell the story.

Money is not everything, which is true. But in today's world it certainly is a catalyst even for hope. 

The beneficiary that we are supporting is Singapore Cancer Society (SCS). Monies donated to SCS not only fuel education and research, they are also use to provide financial assistance to needy cancer patients so that everyone can get a fair fighting chance.

So would you join us and the other athletes in fundraising? We hope you would...