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James P W Boen is a Good Samaritan of the beneficiary.

I am running for Cancer awareness and for those whose lives that have been impacted by cancer.

Thanks for visiting my personal fundraising page. Being struck by cancer is a difficult journey both emotionally and financially not just for the patient, but also for those close to the sufferer, and unfortunately, the ending does not always end on a happy note. I never fully realized or understood the impact cancer had on someone or a family until your close ones were diagnosed. They fought bravely and fiercely in their battle against the disease. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. (2 Tim 4:7). Having been through the cancer journey myself and being blessed with support and encouragements from family and friends, I now want to play my part to raise cancer awareness and channeling my passion for running towards doing good. No longer is it for personal fulfillment, gleaming medals, but to improve the lives of those who are in the fight against cancer.This world becomes a better place when we all can share our blessings with those who need it more.

Monies raised under the Charity Athlete Programme will contribute to the Society’s programmes which include subsidizing cancer treatment for needy cancer patients, providing financial and welfare assistance to needy cancer patients, funding rehabilitative and home hospice care services as well as funding cancer screening and public education programmes.

 A $20 donation provides 3 days of free transportation for one beneficiary to and from the hospital for chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

A $50 donation provides a colorectal cancer survivor with 2 weeks of ostomy bags, which need to be replaced every 2 to 3 days.

A $100 provides a patient with 1 month’s supply of adult diapers.

A $200 provides a patient receiving hospice care with one month’s supply of milk.

How small amount your donation will be, will go a long way, every dollar counts. Every dollar raised gives our cancer patients strength and hope to keep fighting against cancer and a hope for tomorrow

More updates coming soon!